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About Us

San Diego Full Service Solar Panel Experts

About US

We Are A Full-Service Solar Energy Company

For years Now Go Solar has provided countless homeowners and business owners in the San Diego and Southern California region solar panel services. We help you to take control over your monthly electric expenses while reducing your environmental impact. 

Electricity is essential to our modern way of life, but utility rates seem to be constantly on the rise. In some regions of the U.S., typical residential electric bills today can run higher than a car payment. That is insane when today’s solar panels and energy storage systems can economically handle 100% of our home’s energy demands.

NOW is the time to GO SOLAR.

What We Do


We conduct a full inspection of your roof prior to designing and installing the most suitable solar system to offset your power utility cost.



When you’ve had a solar panel system for a while you may find that you start receiving error codes or that your light bill has started to creep up,  At Now Go Solar we have the tools to diagnose the error codes that inverters throw out and the expert knowledge to get it back up to full power quickly. 



At Now Go Solar, we offer solar panel repair services for those looking to replace damaged panels, diagnose a faulty inverter, or explore the root cause of an inefficient solar panel system. We always conduct a full inspection of your solar panel system to first identify the root cause of the malfunction. 


Home & Commercial Solar Panel Installation, Repair, And Maintenance, All Things Solar We’ll Be there!

Serving The San Diego and Southern California Counties