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Solar Energy Specialists To Power Your Life.

We specialize in solar energy system design, installation, and repair services in San Diego and Southern California. Eliminate ever-increasing electric bills by having us install solar panels and solar energy battery systems. 

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California Solar Panel Experts

We Provide State of the Art Solar and Energy Storage Services

Residential Services

Our goal is to eliminate your electric bills. We start with a comprehensive analysis of your home’s energy needs by examining your energy consumption over the past couple of years. Only then can we make accurate recommendations on how much energy your system needs to produce.

Commercial Services

Market data suggests that the average commercial property owner in the U.S. can reduce overall energy costs by 75% by going solar. We understand the special energy needs of your business and can design state-of-the-art systems to help reduce or eliminate utility demand charges.

Repair Services

While the solar panels themselves seldom need replacement, certain other components, like inverters, micro-inverters, optimizers, and etc. do occasionally fail. We are here to service your energy system repair needs.


We offer comprehensive inspections to evaluate system efficiency. If you’ve noticed higher than average electricity bills, it may be due to a failed component of your solar energy system. 


 Modern solar panels do last a very long time, but they DO get soiled over time, and need periodic cleaning in order to ensure efficient energy production. 

System Monitoring

Monitoring your solar energy system’s performance can make a big difference in ensuring that your system is working as designed. If your solar energy system does not include the ability to monitor performance, Now Go Solar can upgrade your system and improve its efficiency.

Why We’re The Best Solar Company In San Diego

Your contractor for solar and energy storage solutions!

With a history of providing quality solar electric solutions in San Diego, Now Go Solar is the firm to call when you want the job done right, whether it’s a new installation, repair of older systems, or simply professional advice.

Not all solar panels are created equal. At Now Go Solar, we install only the best products and the most modern, and efficient systems that are designed to perform for decades into the future.

We also service solar systems that may have been installed by other companies who may no longer be here to service the systems they sold.

You can confidently turn to Now Go Solar to keep your home powered by the sun. In everything we do, Now Go Solar aims for complete client satisfaction.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Service!

Brenna A.

Mike at Now Go Solar is a very intelligent individual and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his expertise.

Don D.

Mike really knows how to create and get you installed the system of what you need and will need in the future (as electric cars etc. become more plentiful). Other companies were just trying to close the sale. He made it our decision!

Mike B.

Mike is a good guy.

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