“Ygrene” is “Energy” Spelled Backwards, But a Very Forward Thinking Plan!

Home improvement financing just got super simple!

The Ygrene Energy Fund has made energy efficient home improvement financing easier than asking Mom to bake one of her famous homemade apple pies.

If it is going to save you money in the long run — sometimes LOTS of money — then shouldn’t it be easy to qualify for financing? Duh! Sure. But try to tell that to your friendly “personal banker” up or down the street. Nevermind. Come to think of it, don’t even bother. In less than the time it takes to explain to the bank what you want to do, and why, we can have you approved and ready to go to install your own rooftop solar system. Save the conversation with the banker for when you decide that, since you no longer have to pay the electric utility’s ever rising power rates, it’s time to buy that plug-in hybrid. That’s when you’ll be truly empowered for that chat, because you’ll be making your own — power that is!

Check out this brief video, to see how Ygrene works. Then let’s get serious about solar. Fill out the info request form to become truly empowered.

Let us show you how to slash that power bill, and talk your rich Uncle Sam into partnering with you on energy efficient — and budget efficient — rooftop solar arrays. He’s still paying 30% of the cost, but this gift goes away at the end of 2016. After that, industry analysts are saying it is unlikely the Residential Solar Investment Tax Credit will be renewed. So if solar is in your future, it will likely be more costly after 2016.

The other reason to move fast on solar is the impending demise of Net Energy Metering, as we know it today. Those who jump on board while the current NEM tariff is in effect will be grandfathered into the program for 20 years, receiving full retail credit for the energy produced by their solar systems.

Now with easy Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) home improvement financing, along with preferred tax treatment, there really is no better time to Now Go Solar!


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