Home Show Special

Thanks for visiting us at the San Diego Fall Home Show, held on August 26, 27 & 28, 2016.  To qualify for our Home Show Special, please complete the following registration form. Two valuable prizes are involved in our Home Show Special.

First, after we complete a site survey and go over the results with you we’ll celebrate the opportunity to offer you our solar solution by buying you lunch! It is a $25 restaurant gift card valid at a bunch of different restaurants around San Diego. But that is just for starters. This valuable card entitles you to other rewards as you dine throughout the year, and every year on your birth month, another $25 value is added to the card. Over the coming 20 years this card could save you many hundreds of dollars!

Then, upon activation of your new solar energy system following SDG&E’s final inspection and approval, we will present you with a very special $500 Prepaid Visa Card. Use this to celebrate with a neighborhood cook-out for your neighbors and friends to show off your new solar system — or for anything else you’d like to spend it on.

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